Upon entering the Cryo Myst Sauna, the client steps into a “dry ice” environment where nitrogen gas at -180 to -264 degrees Fahrenheit envelops the body.  A trained Cryo Myst technician monitors the client for the whole two to three minute treatment that lowers skin temperatures to between 32 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The brain moves blood from extremities to the core, protecting internal organs.  This blood becomes hyper oxygenated and enriched with nutrients and enzymes.  After a session, as the body warms up, the oxygen enriched blood pump throughout  the body increases the metabolic rate which in turn produces a resulting endorphin rush and calorie burn.  The treatment can enhance mood by helping combat depression, anxiety, and alleviating stress.

During a two to three minute session at -240°F, blood vessels in your skin’s surface and muscle tissue constrict, forcing blood away from the peripheral tissues and toward your core. Here, the body’s natural filtration system works to remove toxins and inflammatory properties of the blood.

  • Treatment periods can vary from 1.5 to 3 minutes and can never exceed 3 minutes

  • New clients typically start at 1.5 to 2 minutes

  • The inflammation reduction benefits of cryotherapy are unparalleled

  • A 3 minute treatment delivers the equivalent inflammation reduction of a one hour full body ice bath   

  • Muscle soreness, fatigue, stiffness and joint pain are alleviated thereby increasing mobility

  • After a treatment, clients generally experience a deep, sound sleep as the body has been required to do “extra work”

After exiting the cryochamber, filtered blood flows back to the peripheral tissues. Now, cleaner and enriched with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes, your blood warms and enriches skin and muscles, and your range of motion increases.

After the treatment, we encourage you to enjoy the cryo benefits in our Cryo Lounge and ride the stationary bike; engaging in moderate cardiovascular exercise stimulates blood flow and enhances the treatment.  

Over the next 48-hours, the process of restoration continues, and your body returns to a better state or condition, with reduced pain and inflammation, and increased energy levels. Recovery times from strenuous workouts and injury are improved and shortened.

Ask about renting out our Haverford Cryo Myst Lounge to host a Frozen Bubbles Party,  Wedding Primping or Corporate Events.