Reduce stubborn fat with our latest and state of the art Cryo Fat Reduction Sculpting technology!   Enjoy the benefit of immediate results with our highly advanced and sophisticated fat-loss Cryo treatment program.


Cryogenic fat freeze is a superior fat reducing system which surpassses all older methods of cryo fat freeze.  It’s an excellent way to redefine your shape and is one of our most popular treatments.  The cryo fat freeze system is highly effective for all areas of the body where there is fat, for example the back, arms, thighs and stomach.  The efficiency of this treatment makes it a popular option for men and women.


How it works

Years ago, scientists at Harvard University observed that some children who ate popsicles got dimples in their cheeks.  The scientists- Dieter Manstein, MD and R. Rox Anderson, MD- realized that the popsicles were freezing and eliminating small pockets of fat cells.  The idea that cold can target fat cells- without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues was the insight behind Cryo Sculpting.

The Cryo Fat Sculpting procedure safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin.  Treated fat cells are frozen, then die.  Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, leaving a more sculpted you.  Typical results are for people that are 30 pounds of goal weight with a fat reduction to the treated area.


Proven Science

The science is proven and technology is proven.  After many years of research, you can feel confident the the Cryo Sculpting procedure is based on proven science.  Leading researchers and doctors have published more than 70 scientific and clinical journal papers.



  • Non-Invasive procedure reducing fat accumulation

  • Most popular for back rolls, love handles and potbellies

  • Reduces fat in treated area.

  • See results in only a few treatments.

  • No bruising or marks left on treated area

  • Crystallizes and freezes fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues

  • Frozen fat cells are naturally processed and decreased from body.

  • FDA cleared to be proven, safe and effective