Teeth Whitening


Sunday Fun Day 50% OFF Teeth Whitening


Cryo Myst Therapy Spa proudly uses Bleach Bright Whitening Systems.  Clients can experience a brilliantly whiter smile at the speed of light, without irritation, bleeding or burning.  Bleach Bright products produce professional teeth whitening results at a fraction of the costs associated with visits to more expensive dental grade options.


This patent-pending pharmaceutical -grade whitening gel solution and revolutionary lighting system generate amazing results in as little as 15 minutes.

BEFORE & AFTER  - Teeth Whitening @ CryoMyst Philadelphia

BEFORE & AFTER - Teeth Whitening @ CryoMyst Philadelphia

Teeth Whitening Session: $79.99

Two Teeth Whitening Sessions: $149.00

Sunday/Monday FunDay Teeth Whitening Special: $49.99