Treatment periods can vary from 1.5 to 3 minutes.  

Treatments can never exceed 3 minutes.

New clients start at 1.5 minutes at -120C (-180F)

In successive treatments, time is increased by 15  seconds and temperature by 10 degree increments until the  ideal therapeutic  level of three minutes at -220 F is attained  or the customer reaches toleration.  These increases are carefully recorded in the customer’s chart.

Clients who have previously  received cryotherapy treatments can start treatments at two to three minutes depending on history.

Only one treatment is allowed per day

Cryosauna temperatures can vary from -180F to -260F.  
To be effective, cryotherapy needs to be delivered for least 1.5 minutes at -180F.  
Optimum cryotherapy is delivered for three minutes at -220 F.  
Exposing a client to colder temperatures than -220 does not deliver additional benefits.  
Colder temperatures increase the potential for frostbite